Monaco, located on the French Riviera is the perfect playground for lovers of luxury who want to travel in the most extravagant style. The yachts are probably bigger than your house, champagne is the national drink and the seafood is out of this world.

Although it seems a salary of Floyd Mayweather’s is only obtainable to enjoy Monaco; it’s possible that anyone in the know can eat, stay, and play their way around Monaco. So here’s the first day of your Monaco sojourn planned out for you:


Choose breakfast at the farmers’ market (Marché de la Condamine) – an open-air market that is open all day, boasting fresh fruits, vegetables and of course and abundance of pastry delights.

As soon as the sugar rush from the farmers’ market delicacies wear off; head over to afternoon tea at the Fairmount, Monte Carlo. Here you will upgrade your swankiness as you sip tea with the elite, whilst munching on sandwiches and tasty treats (in an elegant manner of course).

The grand finale for food on your first day in Monaco is dinner at ‘Le Grill.’ Order the finest, freshest lobster, the most succulent of steaks and choose from an array of wines as you look down over the rooftops of the Opera Garnier and the Casino (where you will indeed be visiting for playtime).


The Monaco Aquarium (Musée océanographique) is a perched palace atop a 280ft cliff. Employees of the aquarium are world-leaders on troubled marine eco-systems and are currently trying to create a coral reef. Make sure you head up to the roof for the view of all views.

Schmooze and gamble with the world elite at Casino de Monte Carlo, home of the Monaco Grand Prix. It goes without saying that the dress code is tight here and you have to dress smart – smarter than you’ve probably ever looked before in your life.

Want to arrive in such a style that would make Mr Bond shake his fist in envy? Opt to take advantage of the Nice to Monaco helicopter service to make a grand entrance to the snazzy country of Monaco.

Stay – Hôtel de Paris

When it comes to where to stay – we suggest only the best. Sleep like a king/queen in the prestigious 5 star establishment after a day of sightseeing, gambling, eating and drinking amongst the world’s elite. Tough life!